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Vulgarity Comparator

Clash of movies is an entertaining way to confront two movies to compare the different insults and determine which one is the rudest ! A list of champions is at your disposal, select and compare !

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Passionate about cinema, our choice was quickly determined. Several thoughts about the themes interest us, such as the choice of a director, but the idea seems too banal to us. So we decided to start with a more humorous idea, focusing on insults.


As we do not have a predefined database for insults, we have applied ourselves to do it manually using the different scripts of the films. A selection of the most common coarseness was established.

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We're setting up a competitive atmosphere to reinforce the idea of confrontation. To do this, we draw inspiration from fighting games such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros. in order to immerse the user in a playful atmosphere.